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"There were twenty-five thousand nights of closing his eyes with her hand in his. Twenty-five thousand mornings of meeting her gaze. There were twenty-five thousand days and nights of slowly coming together and wearing down differences. Loving, adoring, accepting, forgiving, annoying-in a predictable loop."

Numbers, The Tishman Review, October 2019


"There’s nothing as dark as a Swedish winter day long after the leaves have fallen but before snow brightens the ground.  With the sun eclipsed by clouds and the rain turning gray the second it hits the sidewalk, everything appears to be drawn using a number two pencil. This weather is only good for one thing—funerals.


How I Used Cooking To Rebel Against My Mother, The Bangalore Review, November 2019

"Women wore their hair short. Wash and set on Fridays after cleaning the house all day. Follow up with enough hairspray to last a week. Bake a sponge cake and let the weekend begin. The only woman over thirty with long hair was the free-spirited lady a block away. Her father was the leader of the communist party of Sweden. So no wonder.

I Have Entered the Pleasant-Looking Lady Stage, Crows Feet, 2019

"Back then there was no inner voice telling me this too shall pass, telling me that whatever worries blanketed my mind would slowly dissolve. No, time doesn't heal all wounds. But time lets new experiences enter, giving existing worries some loving company."


The Person I Used to Be Came for a Visit, from the compilation book Crows Feet: Life as We  Age, 2020

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