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 illustrations by a 9-year-old

About Daisy Grace at Ten: Dear Faraway Girl 





When shy yet determined, funny, and introspective Daisy Grace turns ten her grandma gives her a journal.


How do you start a journal anyway? Daisy starts with a list of wishes for her tenth year. And she decides that she wants to get to the last page in exactly 365 days.  Then she comes up with the idea to secretly give the journal to an unknown girl far, far away. Because when you're shy on the outside but with a lot on your mind, writing to a stranger is so much easier than talking to your best friend. And if she really wants to become a famous writer, she has to practice writing to an audience. Even if that audience consists of only one person. 

Throughout the year Daisy learns that friendships are hard to understand. Siblings can be annoying but they are also a source of comfort. Parents are both inspiring and embarrassing. And with the loss of a family pet, she learns that love and grief come from the same place inside your heart. Then there are boys. They used to be easy to talk to but not anymore. 


By the time she gets to the last page of her journal Daisy discovers that she has changed. What she wanted when she started writing is not what she wants anymore. 


The idea for this book grew from four decades of caring for children and years of psychology studies. Add to that my own, as well as my children's experiences growing up, a very real quacking cat, and an abused rescue dog, and you end up with a multi-layered, heart-warming, funny, and relatable character-driven story. And by adding illustrations and doodles by a soon-to-be ten-year-old, Daisy's journal entries become even more captivating.