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  About Daisy Grace and the Mighty Swimsuit


Daisy Grace is funny, determined, artistic, and introspective. She is also on the autism spectrum (even though she doesn't know it).  All Daisy knows is that she often feels like she's on the outside looking at those around her through a closed window and that too much of almost everything bothers her. 


Writing and drawing in her journal helps. Because when you're shy on the outside but with a lot on your mind, writing is so much easier than talking. Making lists helps too. Then there's her Swedish Grandma. Mormor thinks Daisy is the funniest person alive. Mormor soothes her fears and her worries. 


One day Mormor surprises Daisy with a gift. It's a new swimsuit. And it's magenta. When Daisy tries on the swimsuit she feels different. Wearing it, Daisy feels brave. She feels more like herself. Oh, this swimsuit definitely has hidden powers! The first time she wears it she finds a four-leaf clover. Then Bridget starts talking to her again. And Max... all of a sudden he notices her. Imagine that.  Daisy soon begins to wear the swimsuit as often as she possibly can. It becomes her secret power and her secret shield. No one will ever find out it's under her clothes. No one except the person who will one day find her diary. 


The idea for this book grew from four decades of caring for children as well as from years of psychology studies. Add to that my own, as well as my children's experiences growing up, a very real quacking cat, and an abused rescue dog, and you end up with a multi-layered, heart-warming, funny, and relatable character-driven story. And by adding illustrations and doodles by a real ten-year-old, Daisy's journal entries become even more captivating. 

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 illustrations by an actual ten-year-old

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