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About me

  Three decades ago I came up with this idea:


How about writing a trilogy in diary format for the preteen market where each book encompasses exactly one year and where the character writes and draws her way through the ups and downs of a pre-teen's life?  My character would be funny, determined, and introspective--that I knew. What I didn't know until deep into the project was that she would also be on the autism spectrum. 


And with a passion for the written word, and after forty years of childcare experience, a Master's degree in psychology, and a BA in Public Relations, I finally managed to push the last bit of self-doubt aside.  I am ready to hand over my first manuscript: Daisy Grace and the Mighty Swimsuit.


When not writing I can be found reading, baking, faking an interest in growing my own vegetables, and teaching our rescue dog that the world is not as scary as it seems. 

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